Trainee recruitment with freelance and internship

Many large fortune 500 firms and investment banks, usually the big recruiters of management trainee positions are rethinking these longer term contracts and these same large corporations are opting to look into employ more internship and even freelance candidates. Trainee positions have traditionally been recruitment option favorites whereby big corporations go to MBA fairs to search out the best trainee graduate out there in big name universities. The trainee is a great asset to the company where they would typically spend the time and effort. They ensure that these trainee posts get the best support and training in order for some of them to be able to move into permanent posts in prominent positions when the program time is up. However with the current headcount squeeze, the chances of the graduate trainee moving into permanent posts in recent years have increased in difficulty.

This is where the freelance workers have come into favor. Uncertainties of the global economy have left many qualified skilled workers out there without permanent jobs and have made the freelance places easy to fill. Freelance workers are able to support with their specialized expertise for a limited time and offer a lower level of commitment but also availability. Creating an environment known and great for these temporary yet highly skillful staff allows more flexibility on manpower on the corporation level. Internship programs are also great ways to get graduates or undergrads they are perfect for running short term projects such as surveys for marketing and market research, creating websites, designing and implementation of databases for example but without long term commitments for the company. Internship from universities is also great opportunities for both the student and the company to try each other out. Employers also benefit from getting recruits that have already experience in the company before starting full time regular employment and the risk compared with getting someone with no experience of the business and culture is far greater. With the increasing difficulty of getting increases in headcounts in companies it is no wonder that ways to outsource as much work as possible in this environment maybe a coping mechanisms for the human resources department.

With the US facing fiscal cliff issues and continually economic woes locally and in Europe, many masters and also MBA graduates are increasingly faced with employment issues as soon as they graduate.

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