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Terms and Conditions

GoHour is an online job seeking platform, matching the needs of both the employer, job seekers as well as advertisers.

Please read our terms and conditions prior to using our service. Consent for all terms and conditions has be given by you when you are using our site and such terms and conditions shall be binding on you. GoHour reserves the right to change any terms under the privacy policy and the terms and conditions policy at any given time without any notice. Please check with us regularly to see any modifications of the privacy policy and the terms and conditions policy. If you do not agree or consent with any of the terms hereinbelow or any modifications made on behalf of GoHour, you can notify GoHour and ask to terminate the service; but if you continue using our service, which means you are agreeing to any of the amendments to any of the content GoHour has made under the privacy policy and the terms and conditions policy.

  1. Acceptable Web Site Uses
    1. Specific users - Job seeker
      • i. Job seeker account

        Before using our website, you first need to open an account and become our member through our registration process. In order to protect the accuracy of your information, you hereby consent to provide your personal accurate information and update it regularly. If there are any mis-information provided by you, GoHour shall reserve such right to terminate its right of use. All users shall be bound by these terms and conditions. GoHour reserves the right to change any of the terms and conditions due to any change of circumstances and such change shall be effective immediately upon publication.

        You agree to protect your member’s account and password and shall not disclose to any third parties. job seeker shall solely responsible for any account, either authorized or unauthorized of his or her account and password. If job seeker found to have any unauthorized activities on his or her own accounts, job seeker shall immediately notify GoHour in order to protect job seeker’s own interest as well as GoHour’s interest.

      • ii. Personal information and Profile

        Job seeker can, through GoHour, put their personal profile onto our website for applying any positions posted on the site. Under this circumstance, job seeker’s data will be stored in our website centralized database and shall be kept in such database until the job seeker decided to delete such personal profile. job seeker shall have a complete understanding of such process and shall bare all risks in any event. job seeker agrees that all registered employer shall have the right to access to the job seeker’s profile and personal information and shall only be used for recruitment purposes.

        Job seeker cannot put any false personal information on the profile.

        If any of the registered employer violates the terms and conditions in Hong Kong or overseas by using the job seeker’s personal information for any purposes other than recruitment, GoHour shall not bare any legal liabilities for such use. job seeker shall understand and bare the risks of uploading any personal information onto the GoHour website. Furthermore, if any of the job seekers were found have violate any of the terms and conditions under the website, GoHour shall reserves the right to terminate all services to the job seeker.

      • iii. Job seeking and Headhunters

        Job seekers are aware of and agree to GoHour seeking service charges from the employers (“service charges”). job seekers understand their rights do not include obtaining any fees from the service charges GoHour receives from the registered employers. GoHour shall only release any personal information of the job seekers with their consent. Furthermore, job seekers agree that GoHour may at any time use their personal information including but not limited to their names, address and other personal information for any marketing purposes.

        Job seekers, shall not, in any circumstances, apply and / or contact the registered employers, companies or individuals under the GoHour website except for recruitment purposes.

    2. Specific users - Employer and Advertiser
      • i. Advertisements

        All employers and advertisers may, in accordance to our website’s policy to advertise any recruitment advertising or any sort of advertising. Employers also have the access to our database, subject to the agreement and obligations to use our database for the sole purposes of recruitment only. Employers agree to bear all legal liabilities as to the all its advertisements and website content as published under the GoHour website. All employers and advertisers agreed and obligated not to list out any employers information including phone numbers, fax numbers, emails and instant messaging services such as MSN, ICQ, QQ, etc.

        GoHour shall have the absolute discretion to make any amendments on any content of any advertisements provided by the employer / advertiser. If any of the advertisements provided by the employer / advertiser violate any of the terms and condition of this website, GoHour shall have the absolute discretion to terminate the service to the employer or advertiser and to delete any of the relevant advertisements without any compensation or rights to compensate. If any employer / advertiser breaches the terms and conditions of this website or any of the related agreements which cause any additional and / or unnecessary losses (including monetary or otherwise), GoHour shall have the absolute discretion and reserves such right to charge the employer / advertiser for a reasonable fee as compensation. If any of the employer / advertiser fails to pay the relevant fee in accordance to the agreements between the parties, then GoHour shall have the absolute discretion to suspend and / or terminate the relevant advertisement.

        In addition, employer shall understand and agree to the possibility of GoHour using the employer’s information including but not limited to company’s name and logo for marketing purposes.

      • ii. Fees and Payment

        Payment to GoHour is based on the click of the actual job seeker and employer/ advertiser ‘s number of application received from using GoHour as the model agreement for payment on behalf of the employer / advertiser. Employer / advertiser shall understand and agree to all the terms of the website and its related payment agreements / regulations. GoHour site charges are based solely on the server click as recorded in our database.

        GoHour reserves the right to change any of its services and / or advertising fees at any time. If employer / advertiser does not pay the required fees within specified time, GoHour shall reserve the rights to terminate or suspend the services and the use and accessibility of the job seeker information database until further notice upon payment.

        There should be no refund after the order of purchase has been confirmed. GoHour shall begin to deliver service to the customer within reasonable time after the customer has completed the purchase of the service plan of GoHour.

        "Please note: GoHour is a registered limited company under the laws of Hong Kong. We, GoHour remind all companies shall register as an individual and share bare all legal liabilities under the required law. Any false information provided on the website for the purpose of obtaining job seekers information shall be considered as fraud under the laws of Hong Kong as the legal knowledge of many companies are insufficient and thought they would not be held accountable in any event. GoHour has recorded the IP address of the company during registration and its activities within the website, if for any reasons where GoHour is required to give such information as evidence in the courts of law, GoHour shall do so. It is expressly stipulated GoHour has absolutely no tolerance for any illegal activities done by any company."

  2. Privacy Policy

    For details, please refer to GoHour “Privacy Policy”.

  3. GoHour’s prohibited activities

    GoHour’s members, job seekers and employers agreed to use the site subject to the following conditions and restrictions:

    1. Website user agreed to use this website legally and for the purpose of employment only. This restriction does not include any illegal activities, any infringement of third party rights, intellectual property rights, trademark or any third party harassment, distress and/ or inconvenience.
    2. Website user may not interfere or disrupt the services, related network services, related requirements, polices or procedures as provided under the GoHour website.
    3. Website user may not hack any users’ passwords or use any unauthorized means to access the services and account information as provided under the GoHour website.
    4. Website user may not interfere other users from using the GoHour website.
    5. Job seekers may only upload or post any information relating to recruitment, employment, curriculum vitae and other related documents and may not, in any event, upload or post any false information, resume or response to any employer for purposes other than employment.
    6. An employer/ advertisers shall not collect any personal information of job seekers for any other purposes other than for recruitment. All employers / advertisers shall be prohibited from contacting job seekers for matters other than for recruitment.
    7. All website users may not download, print, copy or use other user’s information. Without permission from GoHour, any of such activities shall be prohibited in any circumstances and user shall bear all legal liabilities in any event.
    8. All website users may not delete or modify any other user’s information.
    9. All website users shall not violate or attempt to violate the security regulations including but not limited to prepared information of the users, or access their server log or account, or attempt, without authorization, break through the security system or verification process, attempt to violate any users, host, or network services provided, or send emails and messages without permission from the users, including promotional email and / or products or services related to advertising. Website users shall bare all liabilities for violating any systems or network security systems or events such as breach of security regulations.
    10. All website users may not use the GoHour website to transfer, publish, store any illegal information or violate any other users’ rights, copyrights, trademark, trade, intellectual property information, and / or violate any personal information relation to personal interest, privacy, and / or any information containing any nature of defamatory, obscenity, threatening, abusive or hateful elements.
    11. All website users may not violate the security of this website. Under any circumstances, without authorization, website users shall not interfere with the web-browsing, any services to any users, and / or send emails without permission. Such violations may result in civil / criminal liability. All website users cannot transmit, disseminate, or store anything that would violate any applicable laws and regulations in Hong Kong. All website users are prohibited, without prior permission, to reproduce and content any content from the GoHour website.
  4. Intellectual Property

    All website users shall have the responsibility to comply with the applicable laws relating to intellectual property, trademark, and copyright in Hong Kong. The content of this website, images, graphics and hypertext markup language (HTML) are proprietary properties of GoHour.

  5. Monitor

    GoHour shall bare no responsibility to actively monitor the posted content, emails sent through the website and its authenticity of the content of the website. However, all complaints shall be entertained and considered. GoHour shall have the absolute discretion to remove any content including but not limited to illegal, offensive, racial or any inappropriate advertising information.

  6. Security

    This website shall use all reasonable efforts to make sure all employees, directors, representatives and/ or contractors to understand and to process all personal information. This website will use its reasonable efforts to protect all personal data in order to avoid any unauthorized or accidental use, process or deletion.

  7. Responsibilities, Representations and Warranties

    GoHour services and information are provided on the status quo basis. This website does not warrant any expressed or implied services as permitted under the laws of Hong Kong.

    GoHour, its parent company, subsidiaries and any related parties shall be exempted from any expressed or implied warranty, including any services of merchantability, availability and non-infringement.

    At the same time, GoHour, its parent company, subsidiaries and related parties do not guarantee the accuracy of any content and information, reliability, completion and time stipulation. GoHour shall not be liable for any errors or omissions in the content of information, mis-delivery, deletion, or failure to store any user personalization settings.

    GoHour shall bare no legal responsibility for any uploaded contents by website users. All website users shall bare all responsibilities of their own profiles, advertisements, web pages, or any other content. The website do not guarantee any hits on their profiles, advertisements or web page. In any circumstances, this website shall not deemed to be an employer or job seeker’s agent or headhunter.

    For any reasons in any event, GoHour has no relations to any job-seeking website and / or any positions posted. This website serves to provide the best service for employers and job seekers. This website and its servers do not guarantee for any mistakes or defects or virus. If any website users cause the content of other websites to be defective or need of replacing any data or equipment, GoHour website shall not bare any legal liability. This website does not in any event provide any warranty under all circumstances.

  8. Network / Website connection

    GoHour website contains links to third party websites. Web links are for the convenience of users, GoHour shall not bare any liabilities for any content outside of the GoHour’s website and information. All users shall bare its own liability as to the risk of using such web links. GoHour shall not in any event provide any assurance, nor does it represent or guarantee any third party websites or its accuracy of any information herein.

  9. Indemnity

    If for any reasons where website users or employee uploaded contents and information that breached any of the regulations set out herein by GoHour which causes GoHour to suffer any kind of loss, such user or employee shall indemnify all losses including but not limited to monetary and economic losses.

  10. Disclaimer and Compensation

    GoHour and its employees, directors and representatives shall not bare any direct or indirect losses caused by the use of this website. Without prejudice to the above and under the appropriate laws and regulations of Hong Kong, anyone who is using this website who is claiming GoHour for any liability, the amount shall not exceed the total cost of what the site user had paid for the service under the site.

  11. Additional terms and conditions

    All website users of this website agree to accept and abide by any additional terms amended and added by this website.

  12. Legal Regulations

    The terms and conditions set out herein are governed by the laws and regulations of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“HKSAR”). All related terms and provisions and litigations shall be submitted to the courts of HKSAR.