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  • Location-based search
    GPS function allows job search by location

    Review job vacancy details by your preferred locations. Browse GoHour app wherever you like to look for a job at a location at your best convenience.

  • In-app Create Profile
    App not only for browsing jobs

    the whole job-hunting process could be done within the App from creating/editing your personal profile, searching jobs to sending job applications. You can now create your own profile in the App and send job application instantly.

  • QR code
    Jobs in a scan

    Recruitment details are not limited on prints, scan any GoHour QR code you see with a smartphone and you can access to all job vacancy details in a second. All jobs are available to send application thru App , there is no more handwriting email or phone numbers to apply a job.

  • Instant apply
    Opportunities without hesitation

    Your job applications won’t limit by time or computer facilities, all you need is a smartphone with GoHour app and you will never miss any job opportunities again. You can send job applications in few taps once your profile is completed. All job vacancies are real-time update, available to browse and send application thru app.

  • Job Match

    Shortlist jobs in one page under your own preferences; you may review them on app or receive regular email update.

  • Save Job

    Save and short list jobs that you are interested.

  • Application History

    Check your application history anytime.

  • Feature Job

    Good jobs recommended by GoHour.