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How to stand out yourself?

Employers receive over a hundred profiles from candidates to apply different positions everyday.How to stand out yourself among the other applicants, and fight for the interviews and job opportunities?A detailed profile has a decisive factor, following is a standard profile.

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    Our system has already provided a standard format profile for you. Just follow the instructions to fill in your personal data, education and working experiences to complete a detailed profile.

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Below is an ideal application profile for the employer…
Describe the basic request

This includes personal contact information, available date and expected salary. Employer will base on these information to make suitable arrangement.

Job admission ticket

Each position has its own basic entry requirements. Therefore, list down the details of your own educational background and work experience are very important.

Stand Out

To highlight your personal strength, you can explain your previous work experiences, project management skills and achievements.


Skills are also a plus for you, including the language, computer software, professional license… etc, you may know.

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